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An elusive and mysterious figure since the early days of vaping, Michael Auhcke’s life changed forever the day he picked up his first vape.  From that moment on, he has been fascinated with the seemingly infinite flavor possibilities that vaporization presents, and has committed himself to turning this emerging art form into a science.

As he began to experiment with flavors, he started in his own backyard, with regional cuisine from the Southern U.S.  He then packed up and traveled the country, and then the world, sampling and deconstructing local dishes to see if he could reconstruct them in vapor form.  With time, he would get closer and closer…

After spending years combining the learnings and findings from his travels into a highly technical, unique, and proprietary flavor development process, Michael released his first flavor, Monkey Bread, to tremendous recognition and fanfare.

Now back home, in a world-class American manufacturing facility, Michael is bursting with new flavor concepts, and eager to put his flavor development process to work.

Enter Craft Vapery and its team of flavor experts and curators, whose mission from day one has been to provide their community with only the very best products that vaping has to offer.  When the founders of Craft sat down with Michael for the first time, both sides knew that this was no chance encounter.  Once the parties realized each other’s mutual zealous commitment to pushing the vaping envelope and innovating around flavor, the rest was history.

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