CRAFT VAPERY is the leading vaping discovery platform. We are innovating the online vaping experience by offering people a unique and personal way to discover, learn about, and shop the best vaping products on the market.

How it was born

CRAFT VAPERY was born from both passion and frustration. We are a team of friends who happen to be engineers, finance guys, ad people, industry veterans, rockers and rollers, and we all have one important thing in common - we LOVE vaping. Our frustration though, has come from our passion. With a new industry like vaping that has a million different shops selling a million different products with no system to determine what’s good and filter out what sucks - how are we the people expected to find the best stuff?

Why we're doing it

To us, vaping is as enjoyable and fascinating as micro brewed beer, small batch scotch, and even limited run fashion lines and exotic cars. Yeah, we are really into it. In order to solve our frustration we have our team of experts, many of whom have been in the industry since the early days of e-cigs, go to every vape show, vape site, vape shop, vape house and vape cave to test and evaluate products from hardware to liquids and everything in between. Our online shop is stocked frequently with hand picked and highly curated liquids from small town brewers to large batch producers. Basically, we wanted to create a company that we wish existed when we started vaping.

Don’t know where to start? That’s cool. Browse the site, read our blog, talk to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check out our growing library of videos, call us or email us! We are here to give you the best vaping experience possible.

We hope you enjoy our passion as much as we do. #IAMACRAFTVAPER